All of our rooms were designed by legendary Texas acoustical designer Mark Genfan. Our main tracking room boasts 19 foot tall ceilings with shiplap walls used from the original 1923 house we occupy. This, combined with the original 100 year old hard wood floors and hidden deep frequency absorption creates a space where the sound that is captured is always in balance.

Control Room:

Tuned and true describes our control room. Combined with our collection of world class vintage and new gear your music will be heard and felt.

Isolation booths:


We have one over sized isolation booth with diffusion and ceiling clouds with sight-lines to the main room. Also two identaical “amp closets”. All with tie lines for easy access.


the porch swing…

A peaceful covered porch looks out over the yard. A nice place to sip some lemonade and re charge.


  • API 3208

Recorders and Conversion:


  • 32 i/o Lynx Aurora and Stereo Crane Song HEDD


  • UREI 813 , Pelonis 110 , yamaha ns10

  • Mytek Private Q II system. 4 boxes .

Microphones: Compressors: Preamp&EQ:

  • Tube Mics Universal Audio LA2A Neve 1073 x2

Telefunken 251 Universal Audio 1176 Telefunken V72 x2

Neumann U67 Urei 1176 Chandler TG2

Wunder Audio U47 Urei LA3A Abbey Road EMI REDD.47

Neumann UM57 Alan Smart C1 & C2 Ampex 601 x2

  • Condensor Mics Retro Instruments 176 Pultec EQP-1S3

Neumann KM84 x 2 Chandler Zener Limiter Pultec EQP-1A3

Neumann Fet 47 Spectra Sonics V610 x 2 Pultec MEQ-5 x2

AKG 414eb Abbey Road EMI RS124 Chandler Curve Bender

Sony C37p x 2 Distressor

  • Ribbon Mics DBX 160x(t) x 4

Coles 4038 x 2

AEA 84

  • Dynamic Mics

Sennhiser 421 x6 (4 white/2 black)x

Beyer M201

Shure SM7B x2

Shure SM57 x 3